tudy, teaching and research in the history of education

Volume 36 Issue 2VOLUME 36 NUMBER 2

Craig Campbell
The middle class and the government high school: private interests and public institutions in Australian education in the late twentieth century, with reference to the case of Sydney

Lesley F. Preston
The focus wasn’t on ‘boomsa-daisy’: sex education at Shepparton South Technical School, Victoria, 1973-1986

Joanne I.F. Godfrey
Sowing seeds for development: Cyril Jackson’s attempts to establish relevant schooling in a rural setting in Western Australia, 1896-1903

Vicki Macknight
The politics of pedagogy: civics education and epistemology at Victorian primary schools, 1930s and 1950s

Gordon Dadswell
From idealism to realism: the Workers’ Educational Association of Victoria 1920-1941