tudy, teaching and research in the history of education

VOLUME 39 NUMBER 1 - 2010

Guest Editor: Craig Campbell, University of Sydney
Volume 38 Issue 1
Carnegie Corporation intervention into the universities of Australia and
New Zealand in the early 1950s: The visit and reports of James B. Conant

Part I       Craig Campbell

Part II      James B. Conant
Confidential report to the Carnegie Corporation on the University situation in Australia an the year 1951

Part III    Craig Campbell
Cold War, the universities and public education:
The contexts of J. B. Conant's mission to Australia and New Zealand, 1951

Part IV     Hannah Forsyth
Academic work in Australian universities in the 1940s and 1950s

Part V      Wayne Urban
Australia and New Zealand through American eyes: The 'eyes' have it

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