tudy, teaching and research in the history of education

VOLUME 39 NUMBER 2 - 2010
Volume 39 Issue 2

Kay Whitehead

Cheree Dean
A yarning place in narrative histories

Rosalie Triolo
'Our war and the Pacific': allies and enemies in Victoria's education department publications, Australia, 1914-18

Maxine Stephenson
Learning about empire and the imperial education conferences in the early
twentieth century: creating cohesion or demonstrating difference?

Geoffrey Sherington & Julia Horne
Empire, state and public purpose in the founding of universities and
colleges in the Antipodes

Jenny Collins
In search of scholarly expertise: transnational connections and women
graduates at the University of New Zealand, 1911-1961

Kay Whitehead & Kay Morris Matthews
Connections: women educators in the national memories of New Zealand and
Australia: Catherine Francis and Dorothy Dolling

Tanya Fitzgerald
Thinking transnationally: interconnections and connectivity within and
across Australia and New Zealand