tudy, teaching and research in the history of education

Current Issues

Volume 38 Number 1 - In this issue:
Louise Shaw - women and technical education in Auckland 1895–1922
Vivien Caughley - discovering Hannah King through her textiles
Francis Lee -
individualism in correspondence education in 1938 and 1950
Richard Ely - Countrymindedness and the democratic intellect
Keith Crawford - the manufacture of German demonisation in British school history textbooks 1900-1930
Edgar Burns -
veterinary education in New Zealand, c1900-1964
Pieter Verstraete -
emergence and development of educational programs for people with disabilities between 1750 and 1860
Edgar Burns -
veterinary education in New Zealand, c1900-1964
Book Reviews

Volume 37 Number 2 - In this issue:
Maxine Stephenson - Timeless projects
Lynne Trethewey - Lucy Spence Morice
Lesley F. Preston - Voices from technical education
Jenny Collins - The professional lives of home science graduates from the University of New Zealand
Susan Wood - The means of creative expression
Josephine May -
Puberty Blues and the representation of an Australian comprehensive high school
Helen Moore -
Imag-ining ourselves

Volume 37 Number 1 - In this issue:
Úna Ní Bhroiméil - Images and icons
Craig Stockings - Khaki in the classroom
Lorna McLean -
The march to nation
Peter Rushbrook - Lest we forget
Gregory Lee - Comprehensive post-primary schooling in New Zealand

Volume 36 Number 2 - In this issue:
Craig Campbell - The middle class and the government high school
Lesley F. Preston - Sex education at Shepparton South Technical School, Victoria, 1973-1986
Joanne I.F. Godfrey - Cyril Jackson’s attempts to establish relevant schooling in a rural setting
Vicki Macknight - Civics education and epistemology at Victorian primary schools, 1930s and 1950s
Gordon Dadswell - The Workers’ Educational Association of Victoria 1920-1941

Volume 36 Number 1 - In this issue:
Kay Whitehead- The spinster teacher in Australia from the 1870s to the 1960s
Joanne Scott - The Brisbane Exhibition and education in colonial Queensland
Esther Daniel - The Salvation Army and British juvenile migration to Australia
Thomas Neilsen, Julia Smith - Tracing the origin of Rudolph Steiner’s pedagogy of imagination
Alan Barcan - Student activists at Sydney university 1960-1967

Volume 35 Number 2 - In this issue:
Brian Titley - Heil Mary: Magdalen asylums and moral regulation in Ireland
Malcolm Vick and Fay Gasparin - Picturing the History of Teacher Education: photographs and methodology
Brendan Walsh - The Progressive Credentials of Patrick Henry Pearse
Wayen S McGowan - Rewriting the Responsible Parent
Anthony McGuire - Exploitation or experience in South Australian schools 1931-1945

Volume 35 Number 1 - In this issue:
Richard Selleck: From the Genius of the Man to the Man of Genius
Josephine May: The ‘pictorial turn’ and representations of secondary schools in two Australian feature films of the 1970s
Maxine Stephenson: A Secondary Teacher Training Initiative for a New Era
Anne Scrimgeour: Notions of ‘Civilisation’ and the Project to Civilise’ Aborigines in South Australia in the 1840s
John Ramsland: A case study of the segregation of Aboriginal children in New South Wales, Australia
Katherine Worboys: The emergence of an information-based civil society in post-dictatorship Argentina, 1984-2004

Volume 34 Number 2 - In this issue:
Christine Trimingham-Jack: A dose of castor oil
Lynne Trethewey: I always had to be a teacher
Jenny Collins: From ‘apprentice’ to professional
Lyndon Megarrity: Indigenous education in colonial Papua New Guinea
Kathleen M. Fennessy: Making difficult things plain
Bernadette Baker: From the genius of the man to the man of genius
Volume 34 Number 1 - In this issue:
Bernadette Baker : From the Genius of the Man to the Man of Genius
Pip Lynch: Educational ‘Traditions’ and School ‘Topics’
Hilda T.A. Amsing: Modern versus classical education
Jo May: A child of change
David Limond : The Schoolmaster of all Ireland
Volume 33 Number 2 - In this issue:
Kay Whitehead:Fashioning the country teacher in the interwar years
Britt-Marie Berge: Whatever happened to the male teacher?
Gendered discourses and progressive education in Sweden 1945-2000
Geoffrey Troughton: Religious education and the rise of psychological childhood in NZ
Yuval Dror: Zionist Geographical Textbooks 1918 To 1948
John Godfrey: The 1937 New Education Fellowship Conference And New South Wales Examination Reform
Volume 33 Number 1 - In this issue:
Jenny Collins: Strategies for survival and success
Barry Down: From patriotism to critical democracy
Ralph Biddington: Rationalism and its opposition
John O'Neill: Change and constancy
Malcolm Prentis: Architect of young lives