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ANZHES Conference 2018

ANZHES Conference 2018

Saturday 8 December – Monday 10 December 2018,

Women’s College, University of Sydney.

THEME: Outsiders and insiders: Histories of educational access, success and failure

  • individuals and groups experiencing educational institutions and practices
  • the problem of hierarchies in educational institutions and practices
  • the experience of Indigenous: Māori, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
  • making, reforming and over-turning dominant ideologies, discourses and practices in education
  • great, and not so great: leaders who have made school curricula, educational policies and institutions

Call for papers has now been issued. See below:

Registration will be available from 27 August 2018.


Scholars are invited to submit proposals for papers on the themes outlined above for the conference of the Australian and New Zealand History of Education Society (ANZHES).

Deadline for proposals and abstracts is Friday 9 November 2018, but the committee would appreciate proposals being sent earlier than this. Proposals may be sent any time from 9 July 2018.

Proposals for individual papers should be structured:

(1) Title of paper (2) Name of proposer/s (3) Institution/s of proposer/s (if relevant) (4) Email address/es of proposer/s (5) Abstract of paper (one paragraph, no citations, max. 350 words).

Proposals for panels that can fit into one hour time slots are also welcome. More than one slot may be available for more extensive panels. Individual papers will be allocated 30 minute slots which must include a little time for questions and discussion.

Proposals should be sent to:

Associate Professor Craig Campbell

All proposals will be responded to promptly by the academic committee for the conference. Proposals that are accepted will appear in the conference program. The academic committee is constituted by Associate Professor Josephine May [Chair] and Professor John Ramsland (University of Newcastle) and Craig Campbell (University of Sydney) [Secretary].

Enquiries about any aspect of the conference may be made to the Convenor, Associate Professor Craig Campbell, University of Sydney.


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