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#ANZHES2019 not affected by bush fires

It is likely that you have heard of the bushfires near Port Macquarie and in
the wider Mid North Coast region of NSW,and you may be wondering about the
impact this might have on the ANZHES conference. While conditions remain
changeable, we currently believe that the conference can take place as planned. The
CSU campus and most accommodation and facilities are in suburban areas or
the CBD where the main impact has been smoky conditions from time to time.
Most people in Port Macquarie are going about life as usual, though we are
very much concerned for those directly impacted by the fires and the
firefighters themselves.  While there have been some temporary road closures and
changes to rail services, flights are, and have been, going in and out as
usual.  We do face a heightened fire risk on Tuesday 12 November due to the
anticipated hot and windy weather, but overall conditions are expected to
improve in the week preceding the conference. We shall be in touch if that
is not the case.
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