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Guidelines for the funding of post-graduate students to the ANZHES conference

ANZHES encourages the participation of postgraduate students in its conferences and other activities.

The ANZHES Committee is authorised to assist postgraduate students (research) to attend annual conferences according to the following guidelines:

  1. That the post-graduate student is a financial member of ANZHES at the time of an application for assistance and preceding the conference for which the assistance is sought.
  2. That with any application for assistance:
    • there be a letter from the student’s supervisor confirming the student’s full or part-time status as a research student
    • the various costs of transport, accommodation and registration are indicated and supported by documentation
    • an amount, not more than AUD 3,000 is requested.
  3. That the student present a full or work-in-progress paper at the conference
  4. Because there is a maximum amount available for conference assistance and because applications are assessed in the order that they are received, late applications may not be able to be funded. It may be best to check with the ANZHES Secretary on the availability of assistance before making an application.
  5. No postgraduate student shall be eligible for assistance to more than two conferences.
  6. Applications for assistance may be received by the Secretary of ANZHES within four months before or after the ANZHES conference for which the assistance is sought. However, applications received less than 6 weeks preceding a conference will only be considered if the available budget has not been expended.
  7. Applications are approved at the discretion of the ANZHES Committee, or decision of the President, Secretary and Treasurer if a full Committee meeting does not occur within two months of the receipt of application.

Applications should be made to the ANZHES Secretary. Applications should have all necessary supporting documentation.

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