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The Times They Are A-Changin’

This conference might be of interest to some ANZHES members – and there is plenty of time to plan ahead!

Globalizing the student rebellion in the long ’68 – Conference in History of Education

University of Valencia – Spain

October 3, 2018 – October 5, 2018

The university student movements that grew up around the world during 1968 were a significant expression of the wave of new social movements. They were also a genuine manifestation of an emergent social and cultural category: young people in action. The range of experiences of these movements was broad; they were influenced by the cultural features, political systems, Cold War guidelines, socioeconomic conjunctures and various idiosyncrasies within the regions where they developed. Furthermore, within these regions they differed from university to university, depending on the specific academic cultures, municipal traditions and balance of social forces.

The objective of this Symposium is to create a space for reflection and exchange of ideas between researchers from different backgrounds and historiographical currents on young university students in action during the ‘long ’68’. This expression is intended to emphasize the «expansive» nature of the «global moment» which that year represented. Indeed, from the very beginning of ’68, there were numerous and intense demonstrations of the will of students and young people around the world, some of them especially memorable. Take, for example, the Paseata dos Cem Mil, the Prague Spring, the Tlatelolco massacre and the May unrest in Paris. These would rapidly become bedrocks of the youthful revolutionary mythology, and as such be echoed in the events of later decades. However, the origins of this wave of youthful rebellion can be traced back to the Great Cultural Proletarian Revolution in mid-’66, and the tide of defiance spilled out into ’69, which saw particularly significant episodes of youth and university activity, especially in Japan and the USA. Indeed, the emblem of this time was the Woodstock music festival, which would quickly become established in the social imaginary of youth as a benchmark of counter-culture, and its ripples would spread across the ‘70s and early ‘80s.

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